Shadow Health is an educational software company that creates digital simulations of real-world patient encounters. Nursing and medical schools use the shadow health simulation platform to train students in clinical skills.

The software allows users to choose from various real-life patient scenarios, each with its challenges.

For example, in the case of a diabetic patient, the user must assess the patient’s symptoms, order tests, and make treatment decisions. The in-built tutor system of shadow health provides feedback on the user’s performance.


Logging into Shadow Health


For shadow health login, you must create an account using your school email address. Once you have created your account, you will be able to access all of the resources Shadow Health offers.

In addition to the login page, Shadow Health has a Help Center where you can find answers to frequently asked questions.

If you have trouble logging in or accessing any of the features of Shadow Health, contact customer support for assistance.


How to Do Shadow Health Assessment: The Shadow Health Home Screen


If you’re doing shadow health assessment for the first time here are the key navigation tools and buttons that will help you do shadow health assignment easily and pass.


“Return To Course”

You will then be taken back to the page with the course overview.


“Class Stats”

The summary of your class’s performance on the subject- and object-based data collection item by item. If you’re looking for a comparison point, you can also check the national average for each item. The average changes as students finish their projects for Shadow Health around the nation. If your teacher has opted to keep these from you, this button might not be available.


“Continue Last Attempt”

The most recent In Progress effort that you worked on will be loaded. If you don’t see the Continue Last Attempt button, you don’t have any In Progress attempts that either implies that you have yet to begin any tries or finish them all.


“Start New Attempt”

The menu will start an entirely new shadow health assignment attempt. If you’ve done work in another effort, whether the attempt is finished or still in progress, none of that work will be included in this current trial. Clicking Continue Last Effort is better if you wish to resume working on a prior attempt.


“Reopening Attempts”

Any shadow health assignment your instructor puts up to allow you to reopen will show this notice. Reopening a finished attempt turns it into an In Progress attempt and enables you to return to the assignment and add to it. If you are still waiting to see the reopening attempts notice, your instructors have decided not to let you revisit any of your submitted efforts.


“Turn in Style”

The notice describes the Turn In option your teachers selected for this assignment.



Open Date is the day and hour you can start new efforts on an assignment. Due Date is the time and date that your instructor specified in Shadow Health as the deadline for the assignment.

The Due Date is different from the definitive statement of when your teacher expects you to submit your work for the course.

If your instructors extend the due date, the date in Shadow Health doesn’t update automatically. You can still begin new assignments and complete ongoing ones beyond the Due Date.

You will only be able to turn in more attempts after the Due Date or reopen Completed ones.

The status of any submissions that are finished after the deadline will be “Completed (Late)” or “Reviewed (Late).” In Shadow Health, late efforts are rated equally.



The notice opens the shadow health assignment Objectives PDF  and shadow health assignment Instructions PDF ,which provide broad guidance and describe the assignment’s goal.


“Attempt Status”

The menu will display all of your submissions for a certain assignment. Status indicates whether or not an effort has been successful. Here are all the potential states you may see:

‘In Process’ : The effort still needs to be submitted, and no score has been assigned.

“Completed” : The effort has been made, but a result has yet to be available.

“Reviewed” : Your teacher has evaluated your submitted effort and given comments.

“Late” : Any shadow health assessment assignment submitted after the deadline will have the status “Late” next to it.

“Attempt Options” : These are the alternatives available for trial.


“Activity Descriptions”

This section will outline each task’s components and offer examples of how to do them.



Display any feedback your shadow health assessment instructor provided to your whole course regarding this task. Your instructors have no comments on your particular attempts in this area. Patient status is assessed using many different tools. The first is the Patient Health Summary, which provides an overview of the patient’s medical history and current condition.


Does Shadow Health Save Your Progress


As long as you actively work on a shadow health assignment, it will automatically save your progress. There are two main ways you can quit your assignment if you decide to do so for whatever reason and return to it later.

If you’re working on your Orientation and stop, your assignment will always start over at the beginning when you restart it.

The “Return to Assignment” button is located towards the upper left corner of the software and is the first option to exit your assignment.


What Is General Survey In Shadow Health


As you complete your Shadow Health assignments, you will do physical examinations of the patients and patient interviews.

The Exam Menu, displayed in the upper left of the simulation area, allows you to do the general survey in shadow health assessment. The physical examination starts after you click Exam Actions in the menu.

All the necessary physical examinations you must complete for the assignment are listed on the Exam Menu. Please search the Exam Menu categories if you need help finding the physical assessment. You can contact assistance if you still cannot find a specific shadow health physical assessment.


How To Save Shadow Health Assignment


Inpatient Evaluation

The tests you carry out and the conversations you have with the patient(s) are automatically saved when they are finished and are reflected in your transcript.

As you engage with the patient, the EHR Tablet will immediately preserve any documents you enter.


Throughout the Post-exam Activities

You might have to respond to a number of multiple-choice and free-response questions following the patient exam. A green box with the words “Saved” will show up at the bottom right of the screen when you go from one section of the activity to the next.


Within the Exam Plan exercise

You must enter the patient exam and identify yourself to the patient to save your exam plan while working on the shadow health comprehensive assessment. The Exam Plan you generated would not be stored if you were to shut the browser or log out before seeing and interacting with the patient.

Please be aware that because the DCE (Digital Clinical Experience) is a web-based product, your shadow health comprehensive assessment progress must be precisely preserved for you to continue. You could get a popup that reads “Reconnecting…” if your internet connection has trouble connecting or is experiencing sluggish connections.

As a result, that indicates that the current internet connection on your machine prevents communication with our servers. Even if you lose your most recent encounter with the patient, your shadow health assignment progress will still be saved.

You could get a warning stating that the data you’ve submitted might not be saved when you try to leave the page the assignment is now loaded on. Safely disregard this notice since browsers need to be more intelligent to understand that your work is continually being saved on our servers.

Please be aware that the Orientation and most concept lab assignments are exempt from this rule.


How Shadow Health Can Help You Succeed In Your Nursing Program


Shadow Health can help you succeed in your nursing program by providing an accurate and realistic simulation of patient encounters.

By allowing you to practice your skills on a wide variety of patients, Shadow Health allows you to master the concepts you need to know to be a successful nurse.

In addition, Shadow Health provides detailed feedback on your performance, so you can identify areas where you need to improve.

With Shadow Health, you will have the confidence and skills you need to succeed in your nursing program and future career.


The Benefits Of Using Shadow Health For Nursing Students


As a nursing student, there are many factors to consider when choosing a clinical simulation platform. One important factor is the level of fidelity, or how realistic the simulator is. Another is the range of patient types and scenarios that are available.

Shadow Health is a leading provider of high-fidelity simulations, and their simulations cover a wide range of patient types and clinical scenarios. Shadow Health’s simulations are also highly customizable, allowing students to adjust the difficulty level to match their skills and knowledge.

In addition, Shadow Health’s simulations are designed to promote active learning, meaning that students are actively engaged in the learning process rather than passively observing.

The active learning approach of comprehensive shadow health assessment is more effective in preparing students for clinical practice.

Overall, Shadow Health’s simulations offer a high level of fidelity, a wide range of patient types and scenarios, and an active learning approach that makes them an ideal choice for nursing students.


How To Get Started With Shadow Health Simulation Program


To start with the Shadow Health simulation program, create an account and select the scenario you want to try.

Once you have selected a scenario, you can access the necessary tools and resources.

The program is very user-friendly, and you should be able to get started right away. If you have any questions, there is also a helpful FAQ section that can assist you.

Shadow Health Simulation Program FAQs

What is Shadow Health?

Shadow Health is a simulation program that provides nursing students with a realistic clinical environment. The program features realistic patient cases and allows students to practice their skills in a safe and controlled setting.


How does Shadow Health help nursing students?

Shadow Health provides nursing students with a realistic clinical environment, which helps them to develop their skills and knowledge. The program also allows educators to track student performance and identify areas where improvement is needed.


How does Shadow Health help educators?

Shadow Health helps educators to track student performance and identify areas where improvement is needed. The program also provides valuable data that can be used to assess the effectiveness of the educational curriculum.


Is the Shadow Health Assessment Platform easy to use?

Yes, Shadow Health is easy to use. The program features an intuitive interface that makes it easy for students to navigate the simulation environment. Educators can also easily access data and analytical tools within the program.


How much does Shadow Health cost? 

Shadow Health is an affordable tool for nursing education. Contact the customer care service for pricing information.


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