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NUR 100L – Health Assessment Lab
NUR 100T – Health Assessment
NUR 110 – Foundations of Nursing I
NUR 111 – Foundations of Nursing II
NUR 114H – Clinical&Theoretical Foundatio
NUR 114L – Clinical&Theoretical Foundatio
NUR 114S – Clinical&Theory Lab Simulation
NUR 114T – Clinical&Theoretical Found*AL
NUR 205 – Art of Nursing in Professional Practice
NUR 206 – The Art of Nursing
NUR 211 – Clinical Pharmacology for Nursing
NUR 215W – Dev.Nurses’ Ways of Knowing
NUR 216 – The Art of Nursing
NUR 217H – Care Indv/w Acute Health Hosp
NUR 217T – Care of Indv w/Acute Health*AL
NUR 301H – Caring for Populations:Comm*AL
NUR 301T – Caring for Populations:Comm*AL
NUR 302 – Pathophysiology
NUR 305 – Health Promotion & Patient Edu
NUR 306H – Care Indvls Chronic Health H
NUR 306T – Care of IndivChronic Health*AL
NUR 307H – Nursing Care of Child & Family
NUR 307T – Nursing Care of Child & Fam*AL
NUR 308H – Care Indvls Chronic Health H
NUR 308T – Care of Indiv Chronichealth*AL
NUR 311 – Clinical Pharmacology-Nursing
NUR 312 – Clinical Pharmacology in NUR I
NUR 313 – Clinical Pharmacology Nur II
NUR 314 – Clinical Pharmacology NUR III
NUR 315 – Health Care Organization
NUR 401 – Modes of Inquiry in Nursing
NUR 402H – Community & Mental Health NUR
NUR 402T – Community Mental Hlth NUR*AL
NUR 404 – Nurse as Advocate&Change Agent
NUR 405H – Transition to Professional NUR
NUR 405T – Transition Professional NUR*AL
NUR 406H – Senior Leadership Practicum
NUR 406T – Senior Leadership Practicum*AL


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Farmingdale State College (FSC) university Homework Help & Answers

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