MSN Nursing Capstone Ideas: 100+ Topics to Help You Ace Your Project

Categories of MSN Nursing Capstone Ideas

  • Patient care: This category includes topics related to the direct care of patients, such as:
    • Improving patient safety
    • Enhancing patient outcomes
    • Reducing healthcare costs
    • Promoting patient satisfaction
    • Addressing specific patient populations (e.g., older adults, children, people with chronic diseases)
  • Nursing practice: This category includes topics related to the nursing profession itself, such as:
    • Nursing education
    • Nursing leadership
    • Nursing workforce issues
    • Nursing ethics
    • Nursing research
  • Healthcare system: This category includes topics related to the broader healthcare system, such as:
    • Quality of care
    • Access to care
    • Health disparities
    • Public health
    • Healthcare policy

Specific MSN Nursing Capstone Ideas

Patient care:

  • Improving patient safety:
    • Reducing the risk of falls
    • Preventing hospital-acquired infections
    • Improving medication safety
    • Reducing pressure ulcers
  • Enhancing patient outcomes:
    • Improving pain management
    • Reducing readmission rates
    • Increasing patient satisfaction with care
    • Improving the quality of life for patients with chronic diseases
  • Reducing healthcare costs:
    • Reducing the use of unnecessary tests and procedures
    • Promoting evidence-based practice
    • Improving coordination of care
  • Promoting patient satisfaction:
    • Communicating effectively with patients and families
    • Providing compassionate care
    • Creating a patient-centered environment
  • Addressing specific patient populations:
    • Improving the care of older adults
    • Improving the care of children
    • Improving the care of people with chronic diseases

Nursing practice:

  • Nursing education:
    • Developing new nursing curricula
    • Evaluating the effectiveness of nursing education programs
    • Improving the support of nursing students
  • Nursing leadership:
    • Developing and implementing nursing leadership programs
    • Evaluating the effectiveness of nursing leadership interventions
    • Promoting diversity and inclusion in the nursing workforce
  • Nursing workforce issues:
    • Addressing the nursing shortage
    • Improving the retention of nurses
    • Promoting workplace safety and well-being for nurses
  • Nursing ethics:
    • Developing ethical guidelines for nursing practice
    • Addressing ethical dilemmas in nursing
    • Promoting ethical decision-making among nurses
  • Nursing research:
    • Conducting nursing research studies
    • Implementing nursing research findings into practice
    • Disseminating nursing research findings

Healthcare system:

  • Quality of care:
    • Measuring and improving the quality of care
    • Reducing healthcare disparities
    • Promoting patient-centered care
  • Access to care:
    • Improving access to care for underserved populations
    • Reducing financial barriers to care
    • Expanding telehealth services
  • Health disparities:
    • Identifying and addressing health disparities
    • Developing culturally competent care interventions
    • Promoting health equity
  • Public health:
    • Developing and implementing public health programs
    • Evaluating the effectiveness of public health programs
    • Promoting public health awareness and education
  • Healthcare policy:
    • Analyzing healthcare policy proposals
    • Advocating for policies that improve healthcare
    • Evaluating the impact of healthcare policies


Choosing a meaningful and engaging topic for your MSN nursing capstone project is an important first step. By exploring the ideas in this outline, you can find a topic that you’re passionate about and that will make a real difference in the world.


Q:What are the criteria for a good MSN nursing capstone topic?

A good MSN nursing capstone topic is one that is:

  • * Relevant to the nursing profession
  • * Feasible to complete within the given timeframe
  • * Significant enough to make a contribution to the field
  • * Interesting and engaging to you, the researcher

Q:How do I narrow down my topic choices?

Once you have a few potential topics in mind, consider the following factors to narrow down your choices:

  • * Your personal interests and expertise
  • * The availability of data and resources
  • * The specific requirements of your MSN program

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