NUR 620 – Long Island University – Homework help & Answers

NUR 620: The Theoretical Basis of Advanced Practice Nursing at Long Island University is a three-credit undergraduate course that introduces students to the theoretical frameworks that underpin advanced practice nursing practice.

The course covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • The different types of theoretical frameworks used in advanced practice nursing
  • The historical development of theoretical frameworks in advanced practice nursing
  • The use of theoretical frameworks to guide practice
  • The evaluation of theoretical frameworks


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Students in NUR 620 will develop the knowledge and skills they need to critically analyze and apply theoretical frameworks to their own practice. They will also learn how to develop their own theoretical frameworks.

Prerequisites: NUR 620: Nursing Theory

Recommended text: Theoretical Basis for Advanced Nursing Practice, by Chinn and Kramer, 9th edition, Springer Publishing Company


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NUR 620 – Long Island University – Homework help & Answers

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