NURS 1001 – Homework help & Answers

NURS 1001 – Introduction to Professional Nursing at Temple University is an undergraduate course that provides students with a comprehensive introduction to the field of professional nursing. This course covers a range of essential topics, offering students a foundational understanding of nursing practice and principles. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for a successful journey in the nursing profession.

Here is an overview of the key components of the course:

  1. Introduction to Professional Nursing:
    • Overview of the nursing profession, its history, and evolution.
    • Exploration of the role and responsibilities of a professional nurse.
  2. Nursing Theories and Models:
    • Examination of prominent nursing theories and models that guide nursing practice.
    • Understanding the application of theoretical frameworks in patient care.
  3. Ethical and Legal Considerations in Nursing:
    • Exploration of ethical principles and legal issues relevant to nursing practice.
    • Discussion of the importance of maintaining ethical standards in healthcare.
  4. Patient-Centered Care:
    • Emphasis on the delivery of patient-centered care and the development of effective communication skills.
    • Strategies for building therapeutic relationships with patients and their families.


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  1. Health Assessment:
    • Introduction to basic health assessment skills, including physical examination and patient history.
    • Understanding the importance of accurate and comprehensive health assessments.
  2. Evidence-Based Practice:
    • Introduction to the concept of evidence-based practice in nursing.
    • Application of research findings to inform and improve nursing care.
  3. Interprofessional Collaboration:
    • Recognition of the importance of collaboration with other healthcare professionals.
    • Understanding the roles of various members of the healthcare team.
  4. Clinical Skills and Simulation:
    • Development and practice of essential clinical skills through hands-on experiences and simulation.
    • Preparation for real-world nursing scenarios in a controlled environment.
  5. Introduction to Healthcare Systems:
    • Overview of healthcare delivery systems and their impact on nursing practice.
    • Exploration of healthcare policies and their implications for nursing professionals.
  6. Professional Development:
    • Guidance on career development and lifelong learning in the nursing profession.
    • Resources and strategies for continued professional growth.

NURS 1001 is designed to provide students with a strong foundation in professional nursing, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in the field. Whether students aspire to become registered nurses or pursue advanced degrees in nursing, this course serves as a crucial starting point in their academic and professional journey.


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NURS 1001 – Homework help & Answers

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