NURS 2144 – Homework help & Answers

NURS 2144 – Health Assessment at Temple University is an undergraduate course that provides students with a comprehensive understanding of health assessment principles and practices within the context of nursing.

The course covers a range of essential topics, including:

  1. Course Focus:
    • Health assessment principles and techniques.
    • Application of health assessment skills in nursing practice.
    • Integration of theoretical knowledge with hands-on practical experience.
  2. Key Topics Covered:
    • Comprehensive health history taking.
    • Physical examination skills.
    • Health assessment techniques specific to diverse populations.
    • Integration of technology in health assessment.
  3. Course Components:
    • Theoretical lectures on health assessment principles.
    • Practical hands-on sessions for skill development.
    • Case studies and simulations to enhance real-world application.
  4. Skills Development:
    • Proficiency in conducting health interviews.
    • Competence in performing systematic physical examinations.
    • Application of evidence-based practices in health assessment.


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  1. Integration of Technology:
    • Utilization of modern technologies for health data collection and analysis.
    • Exposure to electronic health records and their role in nursing assessment.
  2. Clinical Application:
    • Bridging theoretical knowledge with clinical scenarios.
    • Clinical rotations or simulated experiences to apply health assessment skills in diverse healthcare settings.
  3. Ethical Considerations:
    • Emphasis on ethical principles and considerations in health assessment.
    • Respect for cultural competence and sensitivity in nursing practice.
  4. Target Audience:
    • Designed for nursing students seeking a strong foundation in health assessment.
    • Relevant for those aspiring to pursue a career in various nursing specialties.
  5. Outcome Objectives:
    • Proficient health assessment skills.
    • Ability to synthesize and interpret health data.
    • Ethical and culturally sensitive nursing practice.
  6. Career Relevance:
    • Essential for students aiming for careers in nursing, emphasizing the importance of health assessment in patient care.
    • Suitable for those interested in understanding the foundational aspects of nursing practice.

NURS 2144 at Temple University equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct thorough health assessments, fostering their ability to provide high-quality nursing care in diverse healthcare settings.



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NURS 2144 – Homework help & Answers

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