NURS 2980- Homework help & Answers

Clemson University NURS 2980 – Childhood Obesity is an undergraduate course that focuses on the study of childhood obesity and its impact on health and well-being.

The course covers a wide range of topics, including:

• The prevalence and causes of childhood obesity
• Health consequences and risk factors associated with childhood obesity
• Nutrition and physical activity in the context of childhood obesity

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• Psychosocial and cultural factors influencing childhood obesity
• Prevention and intervention strategies for addressing childhood obesity
• Research methods and data collection related to childhood obesity
• Ethical considerations in healthcare and nursing practices

Students in NURS 2980 will learn how to assess, plan, and implement nursing care for children affected by obesity, as well as strategies to promote healthy lifestyles and prevent childhood obesity. They will also develop the skills needed to critically evaluate research and best practices in the field.

The course is designed for students pursuing a career in nursing, healthcare, or related fields, as well as for those interested in understanding and addressing the critical issue of childhood obesity in society.

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NURS 2980- Homework help & Answers

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