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NURS 3107 – Healthcare Policy, Finance, and Regulatory Environment for Nursing at Saint Louis University is an undergraduate course that provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the critical aspects surrounding healthcare policy and finance within the regulatory environment.

The course covers a diverse range of topics essential for nursing professionals:

  1. Healthcare Policy:
    • Exploration of healthcare policies at local, national, and global levels.
    • Analysis of the impact of policy decisions on healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.
    • Examination of advocacy strategies for nurses in shaping healthcare policies.
  2. Finance in Healthcare:
    • Understanding financial structures and mechanisms within the healthcare system.
    • Analysis of budgeting, resource allocation, and financial management in nursing practice.
    • Exploration of the economic factors influencing healthcare delivery.
  3. Regulatory Environment:
    • In-depth study of regulatory frameworks governing healthcare practices.
    • Examination of ethical considerations and legal aspects in nursing and healthcare.
    • Analysis of the role of regulatory bodies in shaping nursing standards.
  4. Interdisciplinary Approach:
    • Integration of knowledge from nursing, public health, and related disciplines to address complex healthcare challenges.
    • Collaborative learning opportunities to understand the interconnectedness of policy, finance, and regulatory aspects.

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  1. Application in Nursing Practice:
    • Practical application of healthcare policy and finance concepts to nursing scenarios.
    • Development of skills to navigate the regulatory environment in diverse healthcare settings.
    • Emphasis on preparing nursing professionals to be effective advocates for policy changes.
  2. Career Relevance:
    • Tailored for nursing students aspiring to take leadership roles in healthcare settings.
    • Equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the dynamic healthcare landscape.
    • Addresses the increasing importance of nurses in shaping healthcare policies and advocating for patient-centered care.

NURS 3107 at Saint Louis University aims to empower nursing students with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complex intersection of policy, finance, and regulation in the healthcare industry. The course provides a solid foundation for students aspiring to contribute to positive changes in healthcare delivery and advocate for the well-being of patients.

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