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NURS 3207 – Health Assessment for RNs at Saint Louis University is an undergraduate course that focuses on equipping registered nurses with essential skills in health assessment.

This course covers a comprehensive range of topics essential for healthcare professionals, including:

  1. Health Assessment Fundamentals: Students will delve into the foundational principles of health assessment, understanding the core concepts and methodologies involved in evaluating a patient’s health status.
  2. Physical Examination Techniques: The course emphasizes hands-on training in physical examination techniques. Registered nurses will learn and practice various assessment methods, including inspection, palpation, percussion, and auscultation.
  3. Health History Taking: Students will develop effective health history-taking skills, learning to gather pertinent information from patients to form a comprehensive understanding of their health background.
  4. Diagnostic Reasoning: The course will guide students in honing their diagnostic reasoning abilities, allowing them to analyze collected data, recognize patterns, and formulate accurate nursing diagnoses.
  5. Cultural Competence in Assessment: Recognizing the importance of cultural sensitivity in healthcare, the course addresses the nuances of conducting health assessments while respecting diverse cultural backgrounds.

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  1. Documentation and Communication: Students will be trained in documenting assessment findings accurately and communicating this information effectively within the healthcare team, ensuring seamless collaboration.
  2. Ethical Considerations in Health Assessment: The course emphasizes the ethical responsibilities associated with health assessment, ensuring that registered nurses adhere to ethical standards and maintain patient confidentiality.
  3. Simulation and Practical Application: Through simulated scenarios and practical exercises, students will have the opportunity to apply their health assessment skills in a controlled environment, enhancing their confidence and competence.

NURS 3207 is designed to empower registered nurses with the necessary tools to conduct thorough health assessments, contribute to holistic patient care, and enhance their overall clinical competency. Whether advancing their careers in nursing or seeking a deeper understanding of health assessment principles, students in this course will gain valuable insights and practical skills to excel in their professional endeavors.

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