NURS 3435 – Homework help & Answers

NURS 3435 – Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing at Saint Louis University is an undergraduate course that provides students with a comprehensive understanding of psychiatric and mental health nursing.

The course covers a diverse range of topics essential for nursing practice in the mental health field, including:

  1. Foundations of Psychiatric Nursing:
    • Introduction to mental health nursing principles and concepts.
    • Exploration of the historical context and evolution of psychiatric nursing.
  2. Mental Health Assessment:
    • Techniques for assessing the mental health status of individuals.
    • Application of assessment skills in diverse clinical scenarios.
  3. Psychiatric Disorders:
    • In-depth exploration of various psychiatric disorders, their etiology, and manifestations.
    • Focus on evidence-based interventions and treatments for different mental health conditions.
  4. Therapeutic Communication:
    • Development of effective communication skills for building therapeutic relationships with individuals experiencing mental health challenges.
    • Strategies for promoting trust and collaboration in the nurse-patient relationship.
  5. Pharmacological Interventions:
    • Overview of psychopharmacology and medications commonly used in psychiatric nursing.
    • Understanding the implications of medication management in mental health care.
  6. Holistic Care Approaches:
    • Integration of holistic care principles in the context of mental health nursing.
    • Exploration of complementary and alternative therapies to enhance mental well-being.


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  1. Ethical and Legal Considerations:
    • Examination of ethical dilemmas and legal issues specific to psychiatric nursing practice.
    • Promotion of ethical decision-making and advocacy for mental health clients.
  2. Crisis Intervention:
    • Development of skills in crisis assessment and intervention.
    • Exploration of crisis prevention strategies and community resources.

Students in NURS 3435 will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to provide competent and compassionate care to individuals with mental health challenges. The course is designed for nursing students interested in pursuing a career in psychiatric nursing and equips them with the essential tools to navigate the complexities of mental health care.

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NURS 3435 – Homework help & Answers

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