NURS 3447 – Homework help & Answers

NURS 3447 – Public Health Nursing for RNs at Saint Louis University is an undergraduate course tailored for registered nurses, providing a comprehensive exploration of public health nursing concepts and practices.

The course encompasses various key elements, including:

Public Health Nursing Principles: Students will delve into the fundamental principles of public health nursing, gaining a solid understanding of the unique role nurses play in promoting community well-being.

Community Assessment: The course emphasizes the importance of community assessment, guiding students through the process of evaluating health needs, identifying resources, and understanding the socio-cultural context of diverse populations.

Intervention Strategies: NURS 3447 equips students with the knowledge and skills to design and implement effective intervention strategies to address public health issues. This includes considerations for preventive measures and health promotion.


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Epidemiology: Students will explore epidemiological concepts, learning to analyze patterns of disease and health-related events within populations. This knowledge is crucial for nurses in identifying health trends and developing targeted interventions.

Policy and Advocacy: The course delves into the realm of healthcare policy, empowering students to comprehend the impact of policies on public health. Additionally, it emphasizes the role of nurses as advocates for policy changes that positively influence community health.

Collaborative Practice: NURS 3447 places a strong emphasis on collaborative practice, teaching students to work effectively with interdisciplinary teams and community partners to enhance the delivery of public health nursing services.

Ethical Considerations: The ethical dimensions of public health nursing are explored, providing students with a foundation for making ethically sound decisions in their practice. This includes considerations related to confidentiality, informed consent, and cultural competence.

Practical Application: The course is designed to bridge theory and practice, offering students opportunities to apply their knowledge through real-world scenarios and case studies. This hands-on approach enhances their ability to navigate the complexities of public health nursing.

NURS 3447 is tailored for registered nurses seeking to expand their expertise in public health and make a meaningful impact on community well-being. Whether students aspire to advance their nursing careers or contribute to the broader field of public health, this course provides a robust foundation for understanding and engaging in the dynamic landscape of public health nursing.


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NURS 3447 – Homework help & Answers

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