NURS 364 – Homework help & Answers

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) offers the course NURS 364 – Nursing Care of Adults with Major Health Problems, I. This undergraduate course focuses on providing students with a comprehensive understanding of nursing care for adults experiencing significant health issues.

The course covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Assessment and diagnosis of major health problems in adults
  • Evidence-based nursing interventions and care plans
  • Collaboration with interdisciplinary healthcare teams
  • Ethical considerations in the nursing care of adults with health problems
  • Patient education and communication skills
  • Application of nursing theories to adult patient care
  • Clinical reasoning and decision-making in complex healthcare scenarios


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Students enrolled in NURS 364 will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to provide high-quality nursing care to adults facing major health challenges. This course is designed for students pursuing a career in nursing and healthcare, equipping them with the expertise needed to address the unique needs of adult patients with complex health issues.

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NURS 364 – Homework help & Answers

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