NURS 4489 – Homework help & Answers

NURS 4489 – Senior Seminar: Evidence-Based Practice Fieldwork Experience at Temple University is an advanced undergraduate course that provides students with a comprehensive understanding of evidence-based practice in the field of nursing.

The course covers various aspects of nursing research and its practical application, preparing students for their transition from academia to professional practice.

Course Overview:

  • Nature of Evidence-Based Practice (EBP): Students will delve into the foundations of EBP, understanding its significance in nursing and healthcare. The course emphasizes the integration of clinical expertise, patient values, and the best available evidence in decision-making.
  • Research Theories and Models in Nursing: The curriculum explores various research theories and models relevant to nursing practice. Students will gain insights into the theoretical frameworks guiding nursing research and their application in real-world scenarios.
  • Hypothesis Testing and Experimental Design: The course equips students with the skills needed to formulate and test hypotheses related to nursing practices. Emphasis is placed on designing robust experiments to address pertinent clinical questions.
  • Data Analysis and Statistical Methods: Students will learn how to collect, analyze, and interpret data in the context of nursing research. Statistical methods applicable to healthcare settings will be covered, enhancing students’ ability to derive meaningful conclusions from data.
  • Ethical Considerations in Nursing Research: Ethical principles and considerations specific to nursing research will be explored. Students will develop a strong understanding of the ethical responsibilities associated with conducting research in healthcare settings.



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  • Fieldwork Experience: The course includes a hands-on fieldwork component, allowing students to apply their knowledge in a real-world clinical setting. This practical experience is designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice, preparing students for the challenges they may encounter in their future nursing careers.
  • Career Preparation: Tailored for students entering the nursing profession, the course provides valuable insights into evidence-based practice, preparing them to critically evaluate and implement the latest research findings in their clinical roles.

NURS 4489 is designed for senior nursing students at Temple University who are looking to deepen their understanding of evidence-based practice and enhance their research skills in preparation for professional nursing practice. Whether students are pursuing careers in clinical settings, research, or healthcare leadership, this course aims to empower them with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the dynamic field of nursing.


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NURS 4489 – Homework help & Answers

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