NURS 6100- Homework help & Answers

NURS 6100 – Health Care Policy and the Advanced Practice at Saint Louis University is an advanced graduate-level course that delves into the intricacies of health care policy and its implications for advanced practice in nursing. This comprehensive course covers a broad spectrum of topics, providing students with a solid foundation in the understanding and application of health care policy within the context of advanced nursing practice.

Course Overview:

  • The Nature of Health Care Policy: Explore the fundamental principles and concepts underlying health care policy, examining its historical development and evolution.
  • Policy Analysis and Evaluation: Develop skills in critically analyzing and evaluating health care policies, considering their impact on advanced nursing practice and patient outcomes.
  • Legislation and Regulation: Examine relevant legislation and regulations shaping health care policy, with a focus on their influence on the advanced practice nurse’s role and responsibilities.
  • Health Care Advocacy: Learn the art of effective health care advocacy, emphasizing the role of advanced practice nurses as advocates for patients and contributors to policy development.
  • Ethical Considerations in Health Care Policy: Delve into the ethical dimensions of health care policy, addressing the moral implications of various policies and their application in advanced nursing practice.
  • Implementation Strategies: Explore strategies for the successful implementation of health care policies in the context of advanced practice, considering organizational dynamics and stakeholder collaboration.
  • Interprofessional Collaboration: Understand the importance of collaboration with diverse health care professionals in shaping, implementing, and evaluating health care policies.
  • Research Methods in Health Policy: Acquire skills in utilizing research methods to inform health care policy decisions, emphasizing evidence-based approaches to advance nursing practice.

Course Objectives: Upon completion of NURS 6100, students will:

  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of health care policy and its relevance to advanced nursing practice.
  • Analyze and evaluate existing health care policies, considering their implications for patient care and the advanced practice nurse’s role.
  • Advocate for evidence-based health care policies that promote optimal patient outcomes and advance the nursing profession.
  • Apply ethical principles to navigate complex health care policy issues, making informed decisions in the best interest of patients and communities.
  • Collaborate effectively with interdisciplinary teams to influence and implement health care policies that address the evolving needs of the health care system.
  • Utilize research methods to inform policy decisions, contributing to the development of evidence-based practices in advanced nursing.


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Target Audience: NURS 6100 is designed for graduate students pursuing advanced degrees in nursing, with a focus on preparing advanced practice nurses to navigate and contribute to the dynamic landscape of health care policy. It is particularly beneficial for those aspiring to assume leadership roles and drive positive change in health care through policy advocacy and implementation.

Prerequisites: Enrollment in NURS 6100 typically requires completion of foundational nursing courses and a basic understanding of health care systems and nursing practice.

Career Relevance: This course is essential for nursing professionals seeking to enhance their competence in health care policy and advocacy, empowering them to become leaders and change agents in the evolving health care landscape. Whether aspiring to roles in administration, education, or advanced clinical practice, graduates of NURS 6100 will possess the knowledge and skills needed to navigate and shape health care policies for the benefit of patients and communities.


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NURS 6100- Homework help & Answers

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