NURS 6800- Homework help & Answers

NURS 6800 – Theory Development in Nursing at Saint Louis University is an advanced graduate-level course that delves into the intricacies of theory development within the field of nursing. The course encompasses a comprehensive exploration of various key aspects, including:

  1. The Nature of Nursing Science: Students in NURS 6800 will gain a profound understanding of the fundamental nature of nursing science. The course explores the unique characteristics and principles that define nursing as a scientific discipline.
  2. Nursing Theories and Models: Participants will engage with a diverse range of nursing theories and models. This includes an in-depth examination of prominent nursing theories, their evolution over time, and their application in shaping the field of nursing.
  3. Hypothesis Testing in Nursing: The course equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary for hypothesis testing within the context of nursing research. This involves formulating and evaluating hypotheses relevant to nursing practice.
  4. Experimental Design in Nursing Research: NURS 6800 emphasizes the intricacies of experimental design specifically tailored to nursing research. Students will learn to design rigorous and methodologically sound experiments to explore and address nursing-related questions.
  5. Data Analysis in Nursing Research: The curriculum includes a comprehensive exploration of data analysis techniques applicable to nursing research. Students will acquire proficiency in analyzing and interpreting data derived from nursing studies.


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  1. Statistical Methods in Nursing: This component of the course focuses on statistical methods commonly employed in nursing research. Participants will learn to apply statistical tools to draw meaningful conclusions from nursing data sets.
  2. Ethical Considerations in Nursing Research: Ethical considerations are paramount in nursing research. NURS 6800 ensures that students are well-versed in the ethical dimensions of conducting research involving human subjects and addresses the unique ethical challenges in nursing research.
  3. Theory Development in Nursing: The central theme of the course revolves around theory development specific to nursing. Students will engage in critical discussions and practical exercises aimed at advancing their ability to contribute to the development of nursing theories.
  4. Career Relevance: Designed for graduate students pursuing advanced studies in nursing, NURS 6800 caters to those aiming for careers in nursing research, academia, and leadership roles within healthcare institutions. The course is also valuable for individuals seeking a deeper understanding of theory development in nursing.

By the end of NURS 6800, students will have honed their skills in crafting and evaluating nursing theories, positioning them to make meaningful contributions to the advancement of nursing science.


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NURS 6800- Homework help & Answers

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