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NURS 6801 – Research Issues in Health Promotion, Disease Prevention, and… at Saint Louis University is an advanced-level graduate course that delves into the key principles and methodologies of research within the realm of health promotion and disease prevention. The course provides a comprehensive overview of various aspects related to research in the field, equipping students with the necessary skills to contribute to evidence-based practices in healthcare.

Course Topics Include:

  1. Foundations of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention:
    • Exploration of foundational concepts and theories in health promotion and disease prevention.
    • Understanding the importance of evidence-based practices in improving health outcomes.
  2. Research Theories and Models:
    • In-depth examination of research theories and models relevant to health promotion and disease prevention.
    • Application of theoretical frameworks to design effective interventions.
  3. Hypothesis Formulation and Testing:
    • Instruction on the formulation and testing of hypotheses in the context of health-related research.
    • Practical exercises to enhance students’ ability to develop and assess hypotheses.
  4. Experimental Design:
    • Comprehensive coverage of experimental design principles specific to health promotion and disease prevention studies.
    • Practical guidance on designing studies that address real-world health challenges.


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  1. Data Analysis Techniques:
    • Introduction to advanced data analysis techniques used in health research.
    • Hands-on experience with statistical methods relevant to analyzing health-related data.
  2. Ethical Considerations in Health Research:
    • Exploration of ethical issues specific to health promotion and disease prevention research.
    • Discussion of responsible conduct of research and protection of human subjects.
  3. Application to Nursing Practice:
    • Integration of research principles into nursing practice.
    • Emphasis on translating research findings into actionable strategies for promoting health and preventing diseases.

Students enrolled in NURS 6801 will develop the skills necessary to critically appraise existing research, design rigorous studies, and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in health promotion and disease prevention. The course is tailored for graduate students in nursing who aspire to engage in research and evidence-based practice within the healthcare sector.


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NURS 6801 – Homework help & Answers

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