NURS 6807- Homework help & Answers

NURS 6807 – Applied Statistics II at Saint Louis University is an advanced-level graduate course within the nursing program. This course builds upon foundational statistical knowledge and aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of applied statistical methods in nursing research and practice.

The curriculum covers a diverse range of topics, including:

  1. Advanced Statistical Techniques:
    • Building on basic statistical concepts, NURS 6807 delves into advanced techniques such as multivariate analysis, regression analysis, and analysis of variance. Students will gain proficiency in applying these methods to healthcare data.
  2. Application in Nursing Research:
    • The course emphasizes the practical application of statistical methods in nursing research. Students will learn how to formulate research questions, select appropriate statistical tests, and analyze data to draw meaningful conclusions relevant to the field of nursing.
  3. Experimental Design in Nursing Studies:
    • NURS 6807 explores experimental design principles specific to nursing studies. This includes understanding the nuances of designing rigorous experiments and clinical trials within the context of healthcare and patient outcomes.


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  1. Data Interpretation and Presentation:
    • A crucial aspect of the course is teaching students how to interpret and present statistical findings effectively. This involves skills in data visualization, summarization, and communication of statistical results to diverse audiences within the healthcare profession.
  2. Ethical Considerations in Statistical Analysis:
    • The course addresses the ethical dimensions of statistical analysis in nursing research. Students will explore the responsible use of statistical methods, confidentiality, and the ethical implications of drawing conclusions from healthcare data.
  3. Integration with Nursing Practice:
    • NURS 6807 is designed for nursing professionals looking to integrate advanced statistical methods into their practice. The course aims to bridge the gap between statistical theory and real-world application within the healthcare environment.
  4. Career Relevance:
    • This course is tailored for graduate students pursuing careers in nursing research, healthcare administration, or academia. It equips students with the statistical skills necessary to critically evaluate research literature, conduct independent research, and contribute to evidence-based nursing practice.

By the end of NURS 6807, students will have acquired a robust skill set in applied statistics, empowering them to engage in advanced statistical analysis and contribute meaningfully to the ongoing development of evidence-based nursing practices.


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NURS 6807- Homework help & Answers

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