NURS 6813- Homework help & Answers

NURS 6813 is an advanced-level graduate course offered at Saint Louis University, focusing on the essential aspects of knowledge development in the field of nursing. This course provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the methods and models employed in nursing research, aiming to enhance their skills in generating, applying, and evaluating nursing knowledge.

Course Topics:

  1. The Nature of Nursing Science:
    • Exploration of the fundamental principles underlying nursing science.
    • Identification of key concepts shaping the nursing profession.
  2. Nursing Theories and Models:
    • In-depth study of prominent nursing theories and conceptual models.
    • Analysis of their applicability in diverse healthcare settings.
  3. Hypothesis Testing in Nursing:
    • Introduction to hypothesis development and testing within the nursing context.
    • Application of critical thinking skills to formulate and assess nursing hypotheses.


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  1. Experimental Design:
    • Examination of various research designs applicable to nursing studies.
    • Practical considerations in designing experiments to address nursing-related questions.
  2. Data Analysis in Nursing Research:
    • Comprehensive overview of data analysis techniques relevant to nursing research.
    • Hands-on experience with statistical tools commonly used in nursing studies.
  3. Statistical Methods in Nursing:
    • Exploration of statistical methods employed in nursing research.
    • Interpretation of statistical findings in the context of nursing practice.
  4. Ethical Considerations in Nursing Research:
    • Discussion of ethical principles and guidelines governing nursing research.
    • Exploration of ethical challenges specific to the nursing profession.

Course Objectives:

  • Equip students with the skills to design and conduct nursing research studies.
  • Foster the ability to critically evaluate and interpret nursing research findings.
  • Develop an understanding of the ethical considerations inherent in nursing research.
  • Cultivate a foundation for evidence-based nursing practice.

Target Audience: NURS 6813 is tailored for graduate students in nursing, particularly those pursuing advanced degrees or interested in contributing to the development of nursing knowledge. This course is designed to benefit individuals seeking careers in research, academia, or leadership roles within the nursing profession.

Enrolling in NURS 6813 provides students with a unique opportunity to delve into the intricacies of knowledge development in nursing, preparing them to contribute meaningfully to the ongoing advancements in the field.



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NURS 6813- Homework help & Answers

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