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NURS 6814 – Interpretive Phenomenology: Research Method for Conducting Health Studies at Saint Louis University is a graduate-level course that provides students with a comprehensive understanding of interpretive phenomenology as a research method in the context of healthcare studies. The course covers a diverse range of topics to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills for conducting in-depth qualitative research in the field of nursing and healthcare.

Course Overview:

Introduction to Interpretive Phenomenology:
Understanding the foundational principles of interpretive phenomenology.
Exploring the historical context and development of this research method.
Analyzing the philosophical underpinnings that guide interpretive phenomenological research.
Research Design and Methodology:
Learning to formulate research questions suitable for interpretive phenomenology.
Designing qualitative research studies that align with the principles of interpretive phenomenology.
Exploring various data collection techniques, such as in-depth interviews and participant observation.
Data Analysis Techniques:
Developing skills in analyzing qualitative data using interpretive phenomenological approaches.
Understanding the process of identifying and interpreting themes within rich textual data.
Exploring the role of reflexivity and researcher bias in the analysis process.

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Application in Health Studies:
Examining how interpretive phenomenology can be applied to research within the healthcare context.
Exploring case studies and examples of interpretive phenomenological research in nursing and related fields.
Ethical Considerations:
Addressing ethical considerations specific to qualitative research in healthcare settings.
Discussing the importance of informed consent, confidentiality, and participant protection in interpretive phenomenological studies.
Integration of Findings:
Learning strategies for presenting and integrating qualitative findings into the broader healthcare research landscape.
Developing effective ways to communicate the implications of interpretive phenomenological research to diverse audiences.

Target Audience: This course is designed for graduate students in nursing and related health disciplines who wish to deepen their understanding of qualitative research methodologies, particularly interpretive phenomenology. It is well-suited for those interested in conducting nuanced, contextually rich studies to explore the lived experiences of individuals within the healthcare system.

Course Objectives: Upon completion of NURS 6814, students will:

Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of interpretive phenomenology as a research method.
Design and implement qualitative research studies in healthcare settings.
Analyze and interpret qualitative data using appropriate methodological approaches.
Apply ethical considerations in the conduct of interpretive phenomenological research.

This course is essential for students aiming to contribute meaningfully to the field of nursing research and healthcare studies by utilizing qualitative methodologies to explore the depth and complexity of human experiences in health-related contexts.


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NURS 6814- Homework help & Answers

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