NURS 6960- Homework help & Answers

NURS 6959 – Special Study for Examinations at Saint Louis University is an advanced-level graduate course designed to prepare nursing students for comprehensive examinations. The course encompasses a variety of essential topics to ensure students are well-equipped for success in their examinations. Key components of NURS 6959 include:

Comprehensive Exam Preparation: Students in NURS 6959 will engage in focused study sessions to prepare for comprehensive examinations. The course aims to enhance their understanding of core concepts within the field of nursing, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of the subject matter.

Critical Review of Nursing Concepts: The curriculum involves an in-depth exploration and critical review of essential nursing concepts. Students will delve into key theories, principles, and practices within nursing to strengthen their foundational knowledge and analytical skills.

Test-Taking Strategies: NURS 6959 provides valuable insights into effective test-taking strategies. Students will learn how to approach different types of exam questions, manage time efficiently, and apply critical thinking skills to solve complex problems encountered in comprehensive examinations.


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Individualized Study Plans: Recognizing the diverse backgrounds and learning needs of students, the course offers individualized study plans. Faculty members work closely with students to identify areas of strength and weakness, tailoring study plans to address specific needs and optimize exam preparation.

Application of Evidence-Based Practice: The course emphasizes the application of evidence-based practice in nursing. Students will be encouraged to integrate research findings and evidence into their understanding of nursing concepts, fostering a strong foundation for evidence-based decision-making in their future nursing practice.

Ethical Considerations in Nursing: NURS 6959 addresses ethical considerations relevant to nursing practice and examination preparation. Students will explore ethical principles and dilemmas within the context of nursing, preparing them to approach examinations with a heightened awareness of ethical considerations in healthcare.

Preparation for Advanced Nursing Practice: Designed for graduate-level nursing students, NURS 6959 aligns with the goal of preparing individuals for advanced nursing practice. The course content is curated to bridge the gap between foundational nursing education and the advanced knowledge required for comprehensive examinations and future professional endeavors.

The course is tailored for nursing students pursuing advanced degrees and certifications, providing them with the tools and knowledge necessary for success in comprehensive examinations and, ultimately, in their roles as skilled and competent nursing professionals.


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NURS 6960- Homework help & Answers

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