NURS 8740- Homework help & Answers

[NURS 8740 – Health Systems Leadership: Theoretical Basis of Organizational Behavior and Change at Clemson University is a graduate-level course that delves into the theoretical foundations of organizational behavior and change within the context of health systems leadership.

The course encompasses a comprehensive range of topics, including:

• Theoretical Foundations: Exploration of key theories that underpin organizational behavior and change within health systems. This includes theories related to leadership, motivation, communication, and organizational culture.

• Organizational Behavior: Understanding the dynamics of behavior within healthcare organizations, examining factors that influence individual and group behavior, and analyzing how these dynamics impact organizational performance.

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• Change Management: Investigating various models and approaches to organizational change within the healthcare sector. Emphasis is placed on strategies for effective leadership during periods of transformation and the successful implementation of change initiatives.

• Health Systems Leadership: Examining the role of leadership in health systems, including the development of leadership skills and competencies specific to the healthcare environment.

• Application of Theories: Integrating theoretical knowledge into practical scenarios, with a focus on real-world applications within health systems. Students will explore case studies and engage in discussions to enhance their ability to apply theoretical concepts to organizational challenges.

• Ethical Considerations: Addressing ethical considerations specific to health systems leadership, including issues related to patient care, organizational decision-making, and the responsible use of resources.

The course is tailored for graduate students pursuing advanced studies in nursing, particularly those with an interest in health systems leadership. It equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to critically analyze, lead, and navigate organizational dynamics within the healthcare context. Additionally, students will gain insights into the theoretical foundations that shape organizational behavior and change, preparing them for leadership roles in healthcare settings.

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NURS 8740- Homework help & Answers

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