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Communication Plan

You are a public information officer (PIO) for an emergency  medical services  (EMS) agency, and you have been given the task of educating  the public on child  car seats.

You will make a plan for communicating the necessary  information to the  various media outlets as well as develop a PIO key contact  list. Your  communication plan will outline the following information:

  • how you will communicate with traditional and  evolving media;
  • how you will use press conferences and news  briefings to share your    message; and
  • how you will interact with all audiences (e.g., stakeholders,  partners,    targeted public groups, and personnel).

In addition to the bulleted information listed above, start  creating your  key PIO contact list for your community. Research the media,  government, and  other contacts in your community who would require  communication for emergency  and non-emergency situations. Please utilize the  template here,   and paste your contacts in the communications plan. Locate a minimum of two   contacts for each category.

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Introduction: As a medical professor responsible for creating college assignments and evaluating student performance, it is crucial to provide comprehensive and accurate answers to medical college students. In this particular scenario, I will provide guidance and suggestions for the development of a communication plan targeted towards educating the public on child car seats. Additionally, I will assist in creating a key Public Information Officer (PIO) contact list for the community.


To effectively communicate information on child car seats to the public, it is essential to have a well-structured communication plan. The following elements should be included:

1. Communication with Traditional and Evolving Media:
– Utilize press releases to distribute information to traditional media channels such as newspapers, magazines, and television stations.
– Leverage social media platforms, websites, and online news portals to share information with the public through evolving media outlets.
– Engage in direct communication with journalists and reporters who cover health and safety topics for wider outreach.

2. Use of Press Conferences and News Briefings:
– Organize press conferences to announce important updates, new regulations, or advancements in child car seat technology.
– Prepare visually appealing and informative presentations to effectively communicate the message during press conferences.
– Organize news briefings for quick updates or responses to emerging issues or concerns related to child car seats.

3. Interaction with Various Audiences:
– Engage stakeholders, including manufacturers, organizations, and influencers, to raise awareness and promote proper usage of child car seats.
– Collaborate with government agencies involved in child safety regulations to ensure alignment and consistent messaging.
– Target public groups such as parents, educators, and healthcare providers through workshops, seminars, and community outreach programs.
– Provide regular training sessions to personnel involved in emergency medical services, emphasizing the importance of child car seat safety.

Additionally, I would suggest creating a comprehensive PIO contact list for effective communication during emergency and non-emergency situations. The following categories should be considered:

1. Media Contacts:
– Local newspapers (e.g., Daily Times, City Gazette)
– Television stations (e.g., ABC News, CBS News)
– Radio stations (e.g., 102.5 FM, AM 1340)

2. Government Contacts:
– Mayor’s office
– Health department
– Department of Transportation

3. Emergency Response Contacts:
– Police department
– Fire department
– Ambulance services

4. Community Organization Contacts:
– Parent-teacher associations (PTA)
– Non-profit organizations focused on child safety
– Automobile dealerships

It is important to maintain and regularly update this contact list, ensuring it remains relevant and accurate, while adding additional contacts as necessary.

By following these communication strategies and utilizing the PIO contact list, the emergency medical services (EMS) agency can effectively educate the public on child car seats, resulting in increased awareness and improved safety for children in the community.

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