Substantial cross posts peer response. This cross posts provide new or supplemental information to the original posting or raise additional areas for discussion.  Be sure to include at least one refer Nursing Assignment Help

Substantial cross posts peer response.

This cross posts provide new or supplemental information to the original posting or raise additional areas for discussion. 

Be sure to include at least one reference in each crosspost as well. APA formatting with reference citations. References should be timely, published within the previous five (5) years.

Discussion cross posts should elaborate upon the ideas and content found in the readings/keynotes by adding details, examples, a different viewpoint, or other relevant information. 

The cross posts should provide original insights or responses which integrates multiple views. (Just saying ditto, I agree, or restating the original post is not considered elaboration.) 

There should be evaluation and feedback which assesses the accuracy, reasonableness, or quality of idea, and provides constructive feedback to classmates.

Listed below is the discussion post you must respond to in 250-350 words max 

                                     Affordable Health Care Costs

One of the most pressing issues in health care is how to develop policies that make the cost of health care affordable to the citizens. The major issues when devising health care costs is the quality of health care, make health care accessible to more people, and ensure that the health providers receive benefits from their professional commitment. The logistics, in this case, is how to coordinate the different players in the health care system. These players include health care providers, insurance, and the government. Thus, health care providers have to develop mechanisms that ensure that they provide an affordable health care program that is cost-effective. The main approach that health care providers should ensure that they develop internal control systems that minimize costs (Hussey & Kennedy, 2016). For instance, they can hire young nurses who require lower wage rates in order to reduce the overall labor costs that are inadvertently passed over to the patients (Cherry & Jacob, 2016). In addition, to ensure that they minimize costs for the citizens they can minimize repetitive procedures that end up incurring unnecessary costs on the patients. Further, the adaption of technology can help in the data management of the population to provide health-related services and to provide preventive mechanisms to ailments.

The health insurance providers, on the other hand, have to be involved in the development of healthcare policies such as Medicaid and other policies that have been developed in the past. The development of these policies should be geared to improve the medical welfare of the citizens rather than the capitalistic approach of profit maximization. This concept should accommodate as many as all to ensure that every working-class individual has access to the health care covers (Cherry & Jacob, 2016). The significance of health care covers is to ensure that health care programs are affordable to a large population. In addition, it is aimed to minimize the immediate cost burden that the patients may find too huge to settle within a given time period.

The government acting as the health care regulator should ensure that health care products are available, as well as a sufficient health care workforce. To facilitate this, the government has to increase its health care spending and financing. To help the nursing informatics to develop new solutions and to be effective in health care delivery, the government can train the different health workers in nursing and health care fields at subsidized costs (Berg & Dickow, 2014). Further, it can subsidize the costs of health care products such as medicine to ensure that they are available.

In conclusion, the health care system can achieve affordable health care to all citizens by using a multi-faceted approach that includes all partners. Also, the issue of cost minimization while optimizing on results is key to achieving the desired ends of economics and strategy in health care. The significance of dealing with affordable health care in nursing informatics is to ensure that citizens have access to quality health care.

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Affordable health care costs is an ongoing concern in the field of healthcare. The challenge lies in developing policies that not only make healthcare affordable for citizens but also prioritize healthcare quality and ensure that healthcare providers are duly compensated for their services. To achieve this, coordination among different stakeholders, such as healthcare providers, insurance companies, and the government, is crucial.

Healthcare providers can take various steps to minimize costs and make healthcare more affordable. One strategy is to hire young nurses who may require lower wage rates, thereby reducing labor costs. Additionally, healthcare providers can minimize repetitive procedures that add unnecessary costs for patients. The effective use of technology can also improve data management, facilitate the provision of preventive care, and reduce healthcare expenses in the long run.

Health insurance providers play a significant role in the development of healthcare policies. It is essential for these policies, such as Medicaid, to prioritize the improvement of citizens’ medical welfare rather than solely focusing on profit maximization. The availability of healthcare coverage to a wide population is crucial in making healthcare programs more affordable. Moreover, health insurance coverage helps alleviate the immediate financial burden on patients, as they may struggle to settle large medical bills within a short time period.

As the regulator of the healthcare system, the government also bears responsibility in ensuring affordable healthcare for all citizens. It can achieve this by increasing its spending and financing on healthcare. By providing subsidized training for healthcare workers, particularly in nursing and other healthcare fields, the government can support the development of new solutions and enhance the effectiveness of healthcare delivery. Furthermore, subsidizing the costs of healthcare products, such as medications, can ensure their availability and affordability to the population.

In conclusion, achieving affordable healthcare for all citizens requires a multi-faceted approach that involves collaboration among healthcare providers, insurance companies, and the government. Minimizing costs while optimizing healthcare outcomes is crucial. Nursing informatics can play a vital role in ensuring accessibility to quality healthcare. By considering these various factors and implementing appropriate policies, we can strive for a healthcare system that is both affordable and provides quality care to all.

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