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NUR 228 – Nutrition for Nurses
NUR 330 – Philosophy of Professional Nursing
NUR 350 – Health Assessment
NUR 360 – Nursing Research & Evidence-Based Practice
NUR 361 – Nursing Research
NUR 375 – Leadership and Change in Nursing
NUR 410 – Research Utilization & Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing
NUR 420 – Nursing Informatics
NUR 430 – Evidence-based Practice in Nursing
NUR 450 – Trends and Issues in Nursing
NUR 465 – Nursing Assessment and Health Promotion for Individuals and Families
NUR 470 – Family Health Nursing
NUR 475 – Community Health Nursing
NUR 485 – Professional Development in Nursing
NUR 601 – Theory and Research in Nursing
NUR 603 – Information Systems for Nurses in Health Care Organizations
NUR 711 – Nursing Organization and Leadership Theory
NUR 712 – Nursing Administration & Leadership Role
NUR 714 – Legal Aspects of Health Care Administration
NUR 715 – Financial Management in Non-Profit Healthcare Organizations
NUR 721 – Foundations of Nursing Education
NUR 722 – Curriculum Design in Nursing Education
NUR 723 – Teaching and Instructional Strategies in Nursing Education
NUR 724 – Assessment and Evaluation Methods in Nursing Education
NUR 725 – Advanced Clinical Practice for Nurse Educators
NUR 813 – Nursing Administration Role Practicum


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University of California (Cal U)Homework Help & Answers

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