HSA 5100 Rasmussen University Introduction to Healthcare Delivery System Paper Nursing Assignment Help

Assignment Content Competency Assess the causes and consequences of historical events on the U.S. healthcare system. Evaluate the current financing and reimbursement models within the U.S. healthcare delivery system. Analyze the challenges of economic and noneconomic barriers to improving quality, reducing costs, and increasing access to healthcare. Assess the roles and impacts of various stakeholders […]

HSA 3383 Rasmussen College Statistics and Quality Methods Report

Apply statistics and Quality Methods in healthcare Course Scenario Chaparral Regional Hospital is a small, urban hospital of approximately 60 beds, and offers the following: Emergency room services Intensive care Surgical care Obstetrics Diagnostic services Some rehabilitation therapies Inpatient pharmacy services Geriatric services and Consumer physician referral services Recently, the CEO has been hearing complaints […]

Rasmussen College Training Document Medical Administrative Assistant Essay

Module 01 Assignment – New Hire Training Document New Hire Training Document You have been working at a healthcare clinic as a medical administrative assistant since it opened a year and a half ago, and the clinic has grown considerably in that time. Clinic leadership has decided to hire an additional medical administrative assistant to […]

HAS 3110CBE Rasmussen Business Ethics Business Intelligence Operational Performance and Market Trends Paper

Deliverable 5 – Write a Paper on Business Ethics, Business Intelligence, Operational Performance, and Market Trends Competency Analyze operational decisions of healthcare organizations and the impact on business performance outcomes. Instructions New changes in healthcare are causing rising concerns with how healthcare organizations may be performing. With that being stated, you will focus on the […]

Rasmussen Maslows Hierarchy of Needs Theory Healthcare Performance Discussion

Core Clinical Objective Promote physiologic integrity by providing care and comfort, reducing risk potential and managing health alterations. Activity Statements Design multidimensional strategies of care considering the health determinants of vulnerable populations. Conduct a community assessment to develop a culturally competent plan care incorporating the sociopolitical, economic, and ethnic characteristics. Educate vulnerable populations about avoiding […]

NUR 2180 Rasmussen College Comprehensive Health Assessment Form Paper

Can you be able to this for me in four days. Title of Assignment: Comprehensive Health History Purpose of Assignment: The first part of a health assessment is the history. It is contains critical information about the client. It is important for the nurse to feel comfortable asking all types of questions and to be […]

Rasmussen College Predicting Success of Proposed Innovations Research

Competency Determine traits of successful innovators. Scenario You are considering returning to school to complete your MSN or DNP but are concerned about the amount of work. In your 1:1 meeting with your Manager you mention the desire to return to school for an advanced nursing degree and learn your Manager is currently working on […]

Rasmussen College Using Innovation to Improve Care Discussion Paper

Competency Analyze an innovation that led to a redesigned process or product Scenario After recently graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science (BSN) in Nursing, you were promoted to Clinical Educator for your Unit. The Nurse Manager asked for your help completing an innovative practice analysis to assist the organization with determining future needs for technology […]

HSA 4191 Rasmussen College Healthcare Delivery and Information Management Paper

Long Term Care Your final course project paper is due this module. First, combine the elements of your paper that you’ve already created, which include your paper’s introduction and your explanation of how technology has been used to improve healthcare delivery and information management. Then, add your analysis of the implications, challenges, risks, and opportunities […]

HSA 4210 Rasmussen College Advanced Healthcare Law and Ethics Living Will Summary

Competency Analyze ethical and legal dilemmas that healthcare workers may encounter in the medical field. Instructions You have recently been promoted to Health Services Manager at Three Mountains Regional Hospital, a small hospital located in a mid-size city in the Midwest. Three Mountains is a general medical and surgical facility with 400 beds. Last year […]