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NURS 253 Individual Development across the Lifespan
NURS 254 Discipline of Nursing I
NURS 261 Nursing Role in Normal Nutrition
NURS 301 Rel-Cntrd Care/Diversty/Inclsn
NURS 302 Research,Ethics,&Innovation
NURS 310 Clin Nsg Skills & Ha I:Occ I
NURS 330 Nursing Care of Adults I
NURS 351 Patho/Pharm Across Lifespan I
NURS 352 Patho/Pharm Across Lifespan II
NURS 311 Clin Nsg Skill & Ha II:occii
NURS 320 Culture & Nsg Care
NURS 321 Nsg Global CL Pract
NURS 360 Concepts,Processes,and Skills for Evidence-Based Nursing
NURS 361 Pathophysiology
NURS 362 Pharmacology across the Lifespan
NURS 364 Nursing Care of Adults with Major Health Problems,I
NURS 366 Heaith Assessment
NURS 371 Nursing Inquiry and Evidence-Based Practice
NURS 382 Family-Centered Genomic Health Care
NURS 384 Family Foc Genomic Hlth Care
NURS 401 Ldrshp Qual/Safety & Infrmtcs
NURS 402 Found Pop Hlth & Global Hlth
NURS 410 Clin Nsg Skills & Ha III
NURS 411 Clin Nsg Skills and Ha IV
NURS 430 Nursing Care of Adults II
NURS 456 Discipline of Nursing II
NURS 4611 Exploring Social Determinants of Health Across Populations
NURS 470 Public Health Nursing
NURS 472 Nursing Care of Infants,Children, and Their Families
NURS 477 Psychiatric Mental Health Concepts for Broad Clinical Applic
NURS 479 Maternal/Newborn Nursing
NURS 481 Mntl Hlth Prom/Psych Care
NURS 482 Rep Hlth/Nsg Care Chldbrng Fam
NURS 483 Fam Ctr Nsg Care Birth-Adol
NURS 484 Pub Hlth Nsg Comm Settings
NURS 488 Practicum in Nursing:Health Services Improvement Work Exper
NURS 489 Practicum in Nursing:Global Health Experience
NURS 491 Improving Nsg Pract
NURS 492 Concepts Prof Nsg Practice
NURS 494 Community Health Nursing for the Public’s Health
NURS 496 Adv Pract in Nrsg
NURS 497 Prep for Prof Practice
NURS 510 Mngmt of Critically III Adult
NURS 588 Leadership in Health Care Organizations
NURS 591 Nursing Care of Adults with Major Health Problems,II
NURS 600 Adv Pract Nrsg:Shac
NURS 601 Experiential Learning in Nsg
NURS 6071 Interprofessional Teams
NURS 609 Hlth Care Global Context
NURS 610 Intro Span for Hlth Pro
NURS 611 Childbearing Family
NURS 6131 Intr Span Hlth Prof I
NURS 6151 Adv Spanish Health
NURS 616 Exp Lrn:Collab Unc Hlt Cnt Ne
NURS 620 Mndfls & Self-Cmpsn Crng Profs
NURS 625 Glbl & Ip Aprchs Slve Cpx Cse
NURS 671 Nurs Inquiry Adv Scholarship
NURS 675 Hillman Scholars Seminar
NURS 680 Care of the Dying and Bereaved throughout the Life Span
NURS 6851 Care Dying/Bereaved
NURS 691H Honors Study
NURS 692H Honors Study
NURS 697 Capstone:Trans Care and Pract
NURS 7031 Alternative Medicine
NURS 704 Scientific Writing
NURS 710 Dev Phys & Ptho
NURS 715 Pathophysiology Adv Nurs
NURS 720 Pharmacotherapeutics Adv Nurs
NURS 722 Psychopharmacology in Psychiatrc-Mental Health Advanced Pra
NURS 723 Psychiatric Diag Phychopharm
NURS 725 Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning in Pedia
NURS 726 Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning in Prima
NURS 727 Diag Proc/Psych Mh
NURS 730 Foundations in Clinical Informatis:Data,Information
NURS 740 Evid Based Practice Research
NURS 746 Health Care Policy Leadership
NURS 750 Advanced Health Assessment
NURS 752 Advanced Diagnostic Reasoning
NURS 778 Interpreting Research Reports
NURS 779 Synthesis and Translation of Evidence
NURS 7801 Managing Diabetes Mellitus
NURS 789 Adv Concepts Oncology
NURS 7901 Pop Health Interprofessional
NURS 799 Special Problems
NURS 810 primary Care Adolescent-Adults
NURS 811 Adults Health Care
NURS 812 Adults Complex Health Problems
NURS 815 Advanced Practice Role
NURS 821 Seminer Oncology Nursing
NURS 823 Advanced Practicum in Primary Care Management of Adults
NURS 824 Advanced Concepts Older Adults
NURS 825 Sexual and Reproductive Health
NURS 827 Pc Infant/Children /Adolescent
NURS 828 Prim Care Lifespan Adv Prac
NURS 830 Acute Adult-Gero I
NURS 831 pharm Acuute Care Adult-Gero
NURS 832 Acute Care Adult-Gero II
NURS 833 Adult-Gero Acnp Practicum
NURS 834 Adult-Gero Acnp Seminar
NURS 835 Population Health and Epidemiology
NURS 840 Primary Care of Children I
NURS 841 Primary Care of Children II
NURS 842 Children Complex Conditions
NURS 850 Adv Practicum Pc Pediatrics
NURS 860 Pmh Interventions Lifespan
NURS 864 Biopsychosocial Care 3
NURS 868 Complex Pmh Problems Lifespan
NURS 870 Applied Health Informatics
NURS 871 Leadership Ap Roles
NURS 872 Managing Human Resources
NURS 874 Improve Health System
NURS 875 Teaching Principles Practices
NURS 876 Curriculum Development
NURS 877 Org Theory Complex Hcs
NURS 878 Hcla Residency/Seminar
NURS 879 User-Centered Analysis Desing
NURS 880 Adv Assess Nurs Leadership
NURS 881 Eb Care Clin Nurse Leaders
NURS 899 Special Topics in Nursing
NURS 901 Clincal Scholar in Nursing I
NURS 902 Clincal Scholar in Nursing II
NURS 903 Scientific Reasoning I
NURS 904 Scientific Reasoning II: Creat
NURS 905 Scientific Reasoning III
NURS 906 Scientific Reasoning IV
NURS 908 Carolina Phd Seminar I
NURS 909 Carolina Phd Seminar II
NURS 910 Carolina Phd Seminar III
NURS 911 Carolina Phd Seminar IV
NURS 912 Theoretical Foundations
NURS 913 Knowledge Synthesis I
NURS 914 Knowledge Synthesis II
NURS 915 Health Organization Policy
NURS 916 Design Measurement Analysis I
NURS 917 Design Measurement Analysis II
NURS 918 Intermediate Statistics
NURS 920 Theoreticall Foundations of Advanced Practice
NURS 921 Theoretical Principles Ebp
NURS 922 Critical Appraisal of Evidence
NURS 923 Implementation Evaluation Ebp
NURS 924 Experiential Learning I
NURS 925 Experiential Learning II
NURS 930 Children at Risk:Prenatal Period Through Emerging Young Adult
NURS 932 Families and Health
NURS 933 Health Care Quality and Patient Outcomes:Conceptual and Emp
NURS 934 Clinical Scholarship Prof Comm
NURS 936 Informatics Safe Effective Hc
NURS 938 Public Policy Advocacy in Hc
NURS 941 Practice Inquiry I
NURS 942 Practice Inquiry II
NURS 943 Practice Inquiry III
NURS 945 Pop Health Global Context
NURS 950 Analysis of the Academic Role in Nursing Education
NURS 951Teaching practicum
NURS 957 From Theory to Intervention
NURS 958 Design Intervention
NURS 959 Research Grant Writing
NURS 960 Proseminar in Nsg
NURS 962 Conducting Systematic Reviewa and Writing Specic Aims
NURS 963 Writing for Publication
NURS 966 Hlth Sys Innova iN Cmplx Org
NURS 967 Econ and Fin of Hlrh Care Sys
NURS 969 Applied Data Analysis
NURS 972 Statistical Models for Health Research
NURS 976 Issues in Sampling and Design
NURS 977 Qualitative Approaches to Knowledge Development
NURS 978 Principles of Measurement
NURS 979 Qualitative Analys
NURS 981 Longitudinal Methods and Analysis
NURS 985 Research Seminar and Practicum
NURS 986 Elective Doctor of Nursing Practice Residency
NURS 992 Master’s ( Non-Thesis)
NURS 994 Phd Dissert/Dnp Proj
NURS 994 Phd Dissert/Dnp Proj
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