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NURS 1020 Nursing sucess skills
NURS 1400 Fostering innovation Nursing
NURS 1980 Clinical Well-being &COVID19
NURS 2980 Childhood Obesity
NURS 3000 Seminar in Health CARE Topics
NURS 3030 Nursing of Adults
NURS 3031 Nursing of Adults
NURS 3040 Pathophysiology
NURS 3050 Psychosocial Nursing
NURS 3070 Family Nursing in Community
NURS 3071 Family Nursing in Comm Lab
NURS 3100 Health Assessment
NURS 3101 Hlth Assessment Lab
NURS 3110 Hlth Promotion Across Lifespan
NURS 3120 Foundation of Nursing
NURS 3121 Foundation of Nursing Lab
NURS 3190 Health Assessment for RNs
NURS 3200 Prof in Nurs
NURS 3230 Gerontology Nursing
NURS 3280 Honors Seminar I
NURS 3300 Research in Nursing
NURS 3330 Health care Genetics
NURS 3400 Pharmther Nursing
NURS 3410 Clinical Skill Development
NURS 3600 Social Determinants of Health in Low Resource Countries
NURS 3610 Leadership and Collaboratio in Global Health
NURS 3980 Pharmacogenomics
NURS 4010 Mental Health Nurs
NURS 4011 Mental Hlth Nurs Lab
NURS 4030 Complex Nursing of Adults
NURS 4031 Complex Nursing of Adult Lab
NURS 4060 Issues in Professionalism
NURS 4100 Lead Mgt Practicium
NURS 4101 Lead Mgt Prac Lab
NURS 4140 Nursing of Children
NURS 4111 Nursing of Children Lab
NURS 4120 Nurs Women and Fam
NURS 4121 Nurs Women & Fam Lab
NURS 4140 Com Nurs & Hlth Prom
NURS 4141 Community Nurs Lab
NURS 4150 Community Nurs Lab
NURS 4150 Community Health Nursing
NURS 4151 Comm Hlth Nurs Lab
NURS 4200 Senior Honors I
NURS 4250 Community Nursing
NURS 4251 Commuity Nursing Lab
NURS 4280 Senior Honors II
NURS 4980 Creative Inquiry in Nursing
NURS 4990 Independent Study
NURS 8010 Advanced Family and Community Nursing
NURS 8040 Knowledge Development in Advanced Nursing
NURS 8050 Pharmaco Adv Nurs
NURS 8060 Advan Assessment for Nursing
NURS 8061 Adv Assess in Nursing Lab
NURS 8080 Nursing Research Statistical Analysis
NURS 8090 Pathophysiology
NURS 8140 Instruction Technologies for Nursing Educators
NURS 8180 Women’s Health in Primary Care
NURS 8190 Women’s Health Nursing
NURS 8191 Women’s Health Nursing Lab
NURS 8200 Child & Adol Nursing
NURS 8201 Child & Adol Nur Lab
NURS 8210 Adult Nursing
NURS 8211 Adult Nursing Lab
NURS 8220 Gerontology Nursing
NURS 8221 Gerontology Nurs Lab
NURS 8230 Nurse Practiotioner Clinical Practium I
NURS 8261 Quality and Outcomes Management in Health Care Laboratory
NURS 8270 Foundation of Nursing Education
NURS 8280 The Nurse Educator
NURS 8281 The Nurse Educator Laboratory
NURS 8310 Clinical Research
NURS 8410 Advanced Assessment for Nurse Educators
NURS 8411 Advanced Assessment for Nurse Educators Laboratory
NURS 8420 Adult Nursing and Patient Education Clinical for Nurse Education
NURS 8421 Adult Nursing and Patient Education Clinical for Nurs e Education
NURS 8460 Health Financial Management
NURS 8470 Internship
NURS 8471 Internship Laboratory
NURS 8480 Health Care Policy an d Economics
NURS 8730 Marginality and Health Outcomes in Women
NURS 8740 HSL Theor Basis Org Beh & Chan
NURS 8760 HSL Environ Infl Aggreg & Glob
NURS 8790 Special Topics in Nursing
NURS 8820 Primary Care for Elders
NURS 8821 Primary Care for Elders Laboratory
NURS 8840 Mental Health and Illness of Adults
NURS 8841 Mental Health and Illness of Adult Laboratory
NURS 8850 Mental health in Primary Care
NURS 9010 DNP Role,Theory and Philosophy
NURS 9020 DNP Clinical Epidem &Biostats
NURS 9030 DNP Evidence Integration
NURS 9040 DNP Leadership in HCS
NURS 9050 DNP Health Informatics
NURS 9060 DNP Outcomes Management
NURS 9080 Genomics,Ethics &Health Pol
NURS 9090 DNP Project I
NURS 9100 DNP Project II
NURS 9110 DNP Project III
NURS 9120 Health Outcomes in Built Env
NURS 9121 Healthcare Outcomes in the Built Environment Laboratory
NURS 9270 Healthcare, Econ, Fin & Policy
NURS 9730 HSL Assess/Collab w Community
NURS 9731 HSL Assess/Coll w Cmmnty Lab
NUTR 2030 Intro Princ of Human Nutrition
NUTR 2040 Nutrition Across LIfe Cycle
NUTR 2050 Nutrition for Nursing Prof
NUTR 2100 Nutr & Phys Activity
NUTR 2160 Evidence -Based Nutrition
NUTR 3010 Food and Culture
NUTR 3020 Nutrition Assessment
NUTR 3021 Nutrition Assessment Lab
NUTR 4070 Quantity Food Production
NUTR 4071 Quantity Food Production Lab
NUTR 4180 Prof Development in Dietetics
NUTR 4190 Professional Dev in Nutrition
NUTR 4200 Selected Topics
NUTR 4210 Special Prob in Nutr
NUTR 4240 Medical Nutrition Therapy I
NUTR 4241 Medical Nutrition Therapy I Laboratory
NUTR 4250 Medical Nutrition Therapy II
NUTR 4251 Medical Nutrition Therapy II laboratory
NUTR 4260 Community Nutrition
NUTR 4270 Nutrition Counselling
NUTR 4510 Human Nutrition &Metabolism I
NUTR 4550 Human Nutr &Metabolism II
NUTR 4950 Senior Honor Research
NUTR 4951 Senior Honors Research lab
NUTR 4960 Senior Honors Research
NUTR 4961 Senior Honors Research Lab
NUTR 6070 Quantity Food Production
NUTR 6071 Quantity Food Production Lab
NUTR 6240 Medical Nutrition Therapy I
NUTR 6241 Medical Nutrition Therapy I Laboratory
NUTR 6250 Medical Nutrition Therapy II
NUTR 6251 Medical Nutrition Therapy II Laboratory
NUTR 6260 Community Nutrition
NUTR 6510 Human Nutrition & Metabolism I
NUTR 6550 Human Nutr & Metabolism II
NUTR 8010 Topical Problems in Nutrition
NUTR 8020 Special Topics in Nutrition
NUTR 8030 Adv Human Nutr
NUTR 8040 Nutrition Education of the Public
NUTR 8050 Metabolic Basis of Medical Nutrition Therapy
NUTR 8070 Current Issues in Culinary Nutrition Science
NUTR 8510 Nutrition Seminar I
NUTR 8910 Master’s Thesis Research
NUTR 9910 Doctoral Dissertation Research


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