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NURS 1400 Introduction to Nursing
NURS 1430 Human Growth and Development through the Lifespan
NURS 1500 Microbiology for Nursing
NURS 2500 Clinical Concepts in Nursing Practice
NURS 2510 Health Pro,otion Across the Lifespan
NURS 2520 Foundations for Nursing Care
NURS 2700 Evidence Based Nursing
NURS 2705 Inter-proffessional Issues in Evidence Based Care
NURS 3100 Healthcare Policy, Finance and Regulatory Environments
NURS 3107 Healthcare Policy. Finance and Regulatory Environment for R…
NURS 3200 Health Assessment
NURS 3207 Health Assessment for RNs
NURS 3330 Pharmacotherapeutics for Nursing Care
NURS 3360 Pathophysiology
NURS 3370 Essentials of Therapeutic Nutrition: a Nursing Approach
NURS 3375 Essentials of Therapeutic Nutrition Approach
NURS 3430 Psychiatric/ Mental Health Nursing
NURS 3435 Psychiatric/ Mental Heath Nursing
NURS 3440 Public Health Nursing
NURS 3445 Public Health Nursing
NURS 3447 Public Health Nursing for RNs
NURS 3457 Community Project for RNs
NURS 3460 Nursing Care for the Adult
NURS 3470 Nursing Care for the Older Adult
NURS 3480 Maternal/Neonatal Nursing
NURS 3485 Maternal/Neonatal Nursing
NURS 3490 Child Health Nursing
NURS 3495 Child Health Nursing
NURS 3565 Adult/Older Adult Health I
NURS 3575 Adult/ Older Adult Health II
NURS 3807 Conceptual Framework for Practice
NURS 38930 ST: Maternity Nur& Wom Health
NURS 4100 Leadership and Management
NURS 4105 Leadership and Management
NURS 4107 Leadership and Management for RNs
NURS 4147 Research and Evidence Based Practice
NURS 4150 Intergrative Seminar on issues in Nursing Practice
NURS 4200 Nursing Immersion Practicum
NURS 4300 Complex Case Theory
NURS 4305 Complex Case Theory
NURS 4350 Complex Care Practicum
NURS 4355 Complex Care Practicum
NURS 4400 Synthesis of Nursing Concepts
NURS 4405 Synthesis of Nursing Concepts
NURS 4507 Comprehensive Nursing Practice
NURS 4600 Pharmacology in Nursing
NURS 4801 Fluid and Electrolytes
NURS 4804 Womens Health
NURS 4806 End of Life Nursing
NURS 4808 Disaster Preparedness
NURS 4810 Topics in Pediatric Nursing
NURS 4811 Nursing Research in Action
NURS 4813 Trends in Maternity Nursing
NURS 4814 Ethics in Nursing and Healthcare
NURS 4815 Issues in Critical Care
NURS 4817 Familiy Centered Care
NURS 4819 Roles of the Nurse Case Manager/Care Manager
NURS 4823 Intro to Forensic Nursing
NURS 4824 Perioperative Nursing Elective
NURS 4825 Ignatian Spirituality in Healthcare
NURS 4827 Educator Role of the Proessional Nurse
NURS 4828 Advocacy in Nursing
NURS 4980 Independent Study
NURS 5005 Nursing Strategies for Health Promotion
NURS 5010 Nursing Strategies in Physiological Health Alterations
NURS 5015 Nursing Strategies in Psychosocial Health Alterations
NURS 5025 Informatics and Quality Improvement
NURS 5035 Foundations in Nursing Care
NURS 5040 Advanced Practice Nursing: Role Acquisition
NURS 5045 Role Acquisition for the Clinical Nurse Leader
NURS 5080 Advanced Pharmacology:Advanced Pharmacology (NP)
NURS 5110 Advanced Assessment and Clinical Decision Making
NURS 5115 Advanced Healthcare Assessment for the Generalist Nurse
NURS 5130 Clinical & Diagonistic Reasoning
NURS 5140 Health Promotion
NURS 5145 Nursing Strategies for Health Promotion
NURS 5160 Principles of Practice Management
NURS 5170 Advanced Pathophysiology:Nurse Practitioners
NURS 5200 Gen Research Methods
NURS 5205 Evidence-Based Practice for the Advanced Generalist Nurse
NURS 5240 Advanced Clinical Studies I:Adolescents and Adults
NURS 5250 Advanced Clinical Studies II & Older Adult
NURS 5260 Advanced Clinical Studies I: The Acute Setting
NURS 5270 Advanced Clinical Studies II:The Acute Setting
NURS 5280 Advanced Clinical Sudies I: Adults and Older Adults
NURS 5290 Advanced Clinical II: Women and Children
NURS 5310 Critical Appraisal of Technology:Acute Care
NURS 5320 Advanced Clinical Studies I:Nursing of Children
NURS 5330 Advanced Clinical Studies II: Nursing of Children
NURS 5340 Advanced Clinical Studies I: Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing
NURS 5350 Advanced Clinical Studies II: Psychiatric Mental Health Nurs…
NURS 5400 Ecological Approach to Human Behavior
NURS 5510 Mental Health Care Family
NURS 5550 Family and Child Development
NURS 5570 Curriculum Development in Nurse Education
NURS 5580 Instructional Strategies and Evaluation in Nurse Education
NURS 5590 Practicum in Nursing Education
NURS 5603 Clinical Studie III
NURS 5604 Advanced Clinical Studies
NURS 5605 Practicum in Clinical Leadership
NURS 5606 Clinical Nursing Leadership for Advanced Generalists
NURS 5607 Advanced Synthesis of Nursing Concepts
NURS 5608 Physiological Adaptations of the Complex Client
NURS 5630 Dynamics of Family Nursing Practice
NURS 5750 Care of Older Adults an Interdiscplinary Approach
NURS 5810 Advanced Practice Nursing Clinical Practicum
NURS 5900 Residency
NURS 5950 Special Study for Exams
NURS 5980 Graduate Reading Course
NURS 6100 Health Care Policy and the Advanced Practice Nurse
NURS 6110 Health Care Delivery Systems
NURS 6140 Leadership in Health Care
NURS 6150 Clinical Informatics
NURS 6160 Evidence Based Practice I
NURS 6170 Evidence-Based Practice II
NURS 6180 Mechanism of Health Inequities
NURS 6800 Theory Development in Nursing
NURS 6801 Research Issues in Health Promotion,Disease Prevention and…
NURS 6802 Measurement of Nursing Variables
NURS 6804 Research Issues in Care of Acut and Chronically III Populat..
NURS 6805 Applied Univariate Statistics in Nurse Research
NURS 6806 Applied Statistics for Research I
NURS 6807 Applied Statistics II
NURS 6809 Quantitative Methods in Nursing Research
NURS 6810 Qualitative Methods in Nursing Research
NURS 6813 Knowledge Development in Nursing
NURS 6814 Interpretive Phenomenology:Research Method for Conducting H…
NURS 6816 Research Issues in Nursing Education
NURS 6888 Clinical Practicum for the DNP Nurse Executive Leader
NURS 6959 Special Study for Examinations
NURS 6960 Doctor of Nursing Practice Project Management
NURS 6961 Doctor of Nursing Practice Project
NURS 6979 Research Topics Independent Study
NURS 6989 Graduate Readin Course
NURS 6999 Dissertation Research
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